Introducing Kim Oh

Here’s my big secret, such as it is –

I’ve kicked off a new series of thriller novels, with the first three already up on for the Kindle. (For folks with the B&N Nook or other e-reader formats, hang on and I’ll have those up ASAP.) Here’s the cover art for them, linked to their webpages at Amazon:

Kim Oh 1: Real Dangerous Girl for the Kindle

Kim Oh 2: Real Dangerous Job for the Kindle

Kim Oh 3: Real Dangerous People for the Kindle

These books are something completely different from what I’ve done before, but I’ve already got people telling me that they’re some of the best stuff I’ve ever written. They’re meant to be sharp, fast and edgy fun, with just the right amount of grit and a touch of dark — I think of them as “absurdist comedies of violence.” There’s a good chance you might enjoy them.

What you might’ve noticed, though, is my name isn’t on the covers. I’m publishing them under a pseudonym, which is the big secret you’re in on now. Kim Oh is somebody who’s really different from me: she’s young (which I haven’t been for a while), female (which I’ve never been) and from a totally different background. What can I say? Her voice just popped into my head and I haven’t been able to get it out. So now I just answer the phone whenever she calls. And she calls a lot — I’m already at work on the next books in the series.

As I said, I think you might enjoy the books. So here’s what I’m going to do. If you want to zip right over to and buy the books, great — Kim and I thank you. Otherwise, click on the link at the bottom of this page and it’ll take you over to Google Docs, where you can download Kim Oh 1: Real Dangerous Girl for the Kindle, complete and absolutely free. We hope you do enjoy it.

And what do Kim and I expect from you in return?

Nothing. Nada. Zip.

However — if, after you’ve read it, you feel like going over to and dropping a quick review of the book, you’d be doing us a big favor. Reader reviews are a major factor in getting other folks to take a chance on a book, especially from an author they might not have heard of before. As I said, writing a review on is a big favor — and it’s entirely up to you whether you do it or not. Absolutely no obligation. If you enjoy Real Dangerous Girl, Kim and I are cool with that.

Anyway, here’s the link for your free copy:

Kim Oh 1: Real Dangerous Girl for the Kindle


[Necessary legalese: This is a limited-time offer, which I reserve the right to discontinue at my sole discretion. So don't dawdle; do it today!]

3 Responses to “Introducing Kim Oh”

  1. GREAT! I’ll be checking these out ASAP! OH 1, here I come ;)
    — ej of ABQ and AKS Book

  2. [...] not know until much later when she approached me to plug Mr. Jeter’s latest series of books, the Kim Oh series. They talked about the job market these days, the difficulty of finding a job once laid off, due to [...]

  3. Hi KW, I hope all is well with you and Geri. I absolutely loved the Kim Oh series. I hope you are going to continue to publish sequels. Look forward to seeing you both in September. Rey & Miwa

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