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Jeter is an exhilarating writer who always seems to have another rabbit to pull out of his hat.
      The New York Times Book Review

Brain-burning intensity . . .
      Village Voice


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10 Responses to “K. W. Jeter’s Books & Stories”

  1. I loved Bounty Hunter Wars awesome book you should make it to a movie

  2. The three Star War Book I read them they are awesome. Mind blowing

  3. Infernal devices is just amazing! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read it as fast as I could or as slow as possible, I didn’t want it to finish! Gonna miss Mr. Dower’s stories.

    • Infernal devices as well. I am actually reading it for the third time. I find I can get lost in that world. I loved Dower. Buttressed up against Scape, It makes me wish I was back in the 1800, England to be sure.

  4. Just read the first chapter of The Kingdom of Shadows. Well written and intriguing! Kudos.

  5. Wow… Cheers for your stuff on the piece of writing K. W. Jeter’s Books & Stories « SteamWords,
    they are actually quite practical! I loved checking out
    your article…

  6. Johnny Sakko Says:

    Glass Hammer is one of my favorite books. You certainly walk the same ground as Phil Dick.

  7. [...] it on Facebook and got a bunch of answers – Gary Gibson picked The Illuminatus Trilogy, K.W. Jeter picked Les Miserables, Jonathan Green picked Mythago Wood and, I have to confess my favourite was [...]

  8. Thank you so much for using some time in order to post “K.
    W. Jeter’s Books & Stories « SteamWords”. Thanks once again ,Rocco

  9. Hi KW & Geri, Just finish Kim O and purchased 2-4. Great read, I really like your style.

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