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I hope you won’t be shocked to discover that Kim Oh isn’t my real name. It’s the pen name I use for my Kim Oh Thrillers series. In another world, I’m better known for my science fiction and other novels – but right now, Kim has my heart. I believe these books are some of the best I’ve ever written, but they’re very different from my others – faster, funnier, more action-oriented, but with some surprising depth to them. That’s why the pen name, so that it’ll be easier for people to recognize the difference. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

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Kim is a character who walked into my head fully formed – and nothing I could do would make her walk back out. She came complete with the way she talked, the way she looked, her biography, her brother, her sarky attitude toward life – everything. There are a lot of differences between her and me, but when I tried to change her into something a little closer to my reality, she came right back the way she had been before. So I gave up and made her the star of her own action adventure and thriller series.

This is the first time I’ve written about a female protagonist, and I personally enjoy the results. Action thrillers might once have been a completely male domain, but not any more. Particularly in regard to creating a Young Adult thriller – we’ve seen a lot of tough young women making their way through the dark, tense streets of the mystery, thriller & suspense genres. At the same time, I didn’t want a Kim Oh novel to be only a YA thriller. One of the things I like about her as a character is that her experiences and outlook speak to anyone who’s had to fight against odds that seem overwhelmingly stacked against them.

In that way, the Kim Oh Thrillers are not just for the teen and young adult audience – I write them for everybody, regardless of age. We’ve all been Kim at some point in our lives. Most of us probably haven’t had to pick up a gun and kill people, the way the heroine of an action series has to, but we’ve all had to fight for something important to us. Mysteries & thrillers are a way of depicting real life, only in more exciting fashion – I hope my Kim’s adventures speak to your life, the way they do to mine.

K. W. Jeter

Kim Oh 1: Real Dangerous Girl

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