I Pulled the Trigger on the First Ebook

All right, folks, my first complete ebook is now available for the Kindle. It’s a reissue of my novel FAREWELL HORIZONTAL, which has been out of print and difficult to find for a while. Click on the title link to go straight to the listing on Amazon. I threw in some of the nice reviews the book got when it first came out, including the one from the New York Times Book Review: “Jeter is an exhilarating writer who always seems to have another rabbit to pull out of his hat.” So if you want to get exhilarated, or re-exhilarated, that’s where to go.

Here’s the ebook cover, looking all big and nice:

Farewell Horizontal Cover

6 thoughts on “I Pulled the Trigger on the First Ebook

  1. Farewell Horizontal is one of my favorite novels of your’s. This is super exciting for the Kindle readers community ! It’s been a helluva long time since I read it – but I have my stack o’ Jeter paperbacks to this day – – so I’m going to do my part and purchase this novel for my Kindle.

    Gotta add: I am loving the benefits / accessability of the Kindle . . .

  2. I’ve taken very good care of my hardcover copy, bought at the time of its publication, thank you very much. Nonetheless, it’s good to see this available once again. That said, the artwork here leaves me flat. Nothing can be better than the original artwork. That figure, perched on his world’s outer rim was superb. It told you, this will be strange. Compared to that, the babe doesn’t have a chance. At any rate, just read it people, it’s a good one.

    1. The original cover art was done by Bryn Barnard, and I agree, it was one of the better covers any of my books ever got. And if I had the rights to it, I might have re-used it for the Kindle edition. But I don’t, so I tried to come up with something suitable instead.

  3. Just bought it *because* I own a physical copy: I trust you to do an obsessively correct mobi edition. Question: Did you revise this edition? If not, were you tempted?

    1. Thanks for buying the new edition. The only revisions I made were to some instances of rather eccentric punctuation, which my copyeditor felt — and I agreed — were outside the current standard. Other than that, I left the text alone, despite the temptation to make myself look smarter by eliminating the predictions about the future that I totally screwed up.

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