“Riding Bitch” Now Available for Kindle

My 2007 short story “Riding Bitch” now available for Kindle.

Hallowe’en and a high-powered motorcycle — time to find out just how far you can go with your dead girlfriend strapped to your back.

“… the slapstick grotesquerie of K.W. Jeter’s black comedy Riding Bitch…”
— Publishers Weekly

“It’s Halloween, see, and a guy walks into a bar with his dead ex-girlfriend strapped to his back…The stark light of personal philosophy jars the reader more than the special effects.”

‘Riding Bitch,’ by K.W. Jeter, can provide shock aplenty. The situation itself is pretty sick, and if you focus on what the protagonist of the story is doing, you may feel a little queasy. But for me? I moved past that quickly, and found a story that was heartbreaking and strangely beautiful. A twisted tale that quotes the “Song of Solomon” at its climax? A bang-up way to start…”