My Publishing Industry Prediction Came True!

This from the useful GalleyCat website:

“HarperCollins may publish a special edition of Dollhouse by Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, decorating the novel’s cover with Swarovski crystal…”

Now check my blog post of August 18, 2011:

“What exactly is HarperCollins going to do to make its books more ‘beautiful?’ Slather them with rhinestones?”

I even got the publisher correct — take that, publishing industry prognosticators! Even Dean Wesley Smith didn’t see that one coming!

One thought on “My Publishing Industry Prediction Came True!

  1. heh, funny post 🙂

    But this also signals the start of something else, wouldn’t you say? I.e. Product Placement in novels???


    btw thanks for your response to my question about stock exchange photos — on DWS’s blog. I actually have used images from there on my self-pubbed experiments. I’ve noticed previously that Dean never mentioned that particular service and wondered if there was a reason for it — guess not 🙂

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