Finally, We’re Getting to the 1.0 Stage of E-Publishing

As announced by Amazon:

“We’re pleased to announce a wide range of new features and enhancements – including HTML5 support – coming in Kindle Format 8 (KF8). KF8 is the next generation file format for Kindle books – replacing Mobi 7.”

With this announcement, we begin to move from the beta stage of e-publishing, to the 1.0 stage.

For indie writers and e-publishers, this is the significant part from the Amazon announcement:

“Upcoming enhancements to Kindle Publisher Tools will make it easier and faster for publishers to create high quality Kindle books. KindleGen 2 (available soon) creates Kindle content from a wide variety of sources including HTML, XHTML, and EPUB. Kindle Previewer 2 (available soon) provides an easy way for publishers to preview how titles will look on Kindle devices and apps so they can be confident that their Kindle books look great.”

As someone who’s basically a plain-text narrative writer, the expanded graphics capabilities of the KF8 format aren’t all that significant. What I do think is important for writers such as myself is the possibility for a much easier and much more satisfying (for both the writer and the reader) production process. If KindleGen 2 isn’t the all-in-one, WYSIWYG creator/editor/formatter program that I’ve been predicting for some time, the door is open for some smart third-party company (my bet would be Adobe) to come out with one. A year from now, we’ll all be sitting around reminiscing and telling war stories about all the clunky procedures we used to go through to produce ebooks, back in the ol’ days.