MADLANDS Available Again

After taking a few months off in order to engineer a relocation from one continent to another, I’m revving up the campaign to get my backlist titles available as e-books.

So now available for the Kindle, my 1991 sf novel MADLANDS:

MADLANDS by K. W. Jeter

From the new Afterword:
“…one of my best books, and one that holds a particularly interesting place in relation to the rest of my writing… it is perhaps the one that in its raggedy, messy, spilling-over-the-edges fashion contains some essential DNA of all my other writing.”

“K. W. Jeter has formidable powers of visual invention, and a taste for the grotesque… you will find yourself in a tale of conspiracy, treachery, tough-guy detectives, corporate greed, and TV ratings… MADLANDS is a splendid mind-trip.”
— Locus

Perhaps the hardest of all my books to find — hope people will enjoy it, now that they have a chance to get their hands on it. Available here at

4 thoughts on “MADLANDS Available Again

  1. This is good news. Babyheads. Great name for a band.

    So you’ve fled the US in fear of the coming theocracy, have you? You think it won’t find you?

    Be well, and keep cooking.

  2. Good news — do you have a “Yes/No” ebook checklist on the site anywhere? I’ve been re-purchasing a number of books lost over the years (most to Katrina about 6 years back) and have only been getting eBook versions.

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