In This New World, Shouting Makes a Difference

I’d highly encourage both writers and readers to take a look at this article from David Farland. (As is often the case, my attention was directed to it via the always useful The Passive Voice blog.) Quote:

In the past few weeks, I’ve been getting dozens of pieces of fan mail about my latest release, Nightingale. I suspect that for every ten pieces of fan mail that I get, only one person will mention it on Facebook, or put up a review on Goodreads, or mention it in a blog.

Mr. Farland’s article ties in with a lot of the points that other indie e-publishing writers, including myself, have made. In this new world, things are different for both writers and readers. In the old world, dominated by the print publishers, there really wasn’t that much readers could do to help a writer whose books they enjoyed, other than literal word-of-mouth, passing their dog-eared copies on to a friend, etc. But now, readers’ abilities to help writers are tremendously magnified by the same forces that make it possible for those writers to bypass the old print publishers and bring their books directly to the readers who would enjoy them. As Mr. Farland suggests in his article, there’s a lot that readers can do now, to help promote books they’ve enjoyed: tweeting, Facebooking, reviewing, and just general getting the word out.

The upshot is that the future of writing is now, more than ever, in the hands of both writers and readers — if they’re ready to grab hold of it. More and more writers are choosing to do so; I imagine more and more readers will choose to do so as well, once they see the increased influence they can have. Whether you’re a writer or reader, or both, you should think about becoming one of those who have moved over to this new world.