Kim Oh’s Summer Break

Some information came my way, about how the webpages for Kindle ebooks can be tweaked on, so they’re a little more attention-grabbing and (hopefully) more commercial. It’s basically old-school HTML, but Amazon’s own proprietary version of it, so the codes are somewhat different; you can’t just put the format commands inside paired brackets and expect it to work.

I fine-tuned the pages for my Kim Oh Thriller series, with the results below. Just click on the images to go to the Amazon webpages:

Kim Oh 1: Real Dangerous Girl

Kim Oh 2: Real Dangerous Job

Kim Oh 3: Real Dangerous People

Kim Oh 4: Real Dangerous Place

I’ll be interested in any comments people have about the changes to the webpages.

Also, to combat the summer publishing doldrums, the prices of all the books in the Kim Oh Thriller series have been reduced a bit. So now’s a good time to snag any or all of them for your Kindle collection. If you just bought any of the Kim Oh books and feel a little miffed at missing out on the lower price, use the E-Mail Me! button on this blog to get in touch with me, and I’ll put you on the list for a little freebie I’m putting together.

And speaking of freebies, you can still get the first book in the series — Kim Oh 1: Real Dangerous Girl — absolutely free, no obligation; just click here for the info how.

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