Gassing on Locus

I just sent back the edits on the draft of the interview that the Locus magazine editors kindly did with me, while I was in Brighton UK last November for World Fantasy Con. Came out rather well, I think, in that I didn’t make myself sound like a complete idiot — which is perhaps due more to the editors’ skills than any great verbal accomplishment on my part.

I’m informed that the interview will appear in the July issue of Locus. I gas on at some length on topics such as the interesting rise of the new multicultural steampunk writers; some of my favorite Victorian writers, such as Harrison Ainsworth and Mrs. Humphrey Ward, and how Mrs. Ward correctly predicted that the male side of the human species would get even stupider and crueler than it already was; Phil Dick’s last circle of friends in Orange County, California; and what happened to me playing bass in a bar band in Ecuador that never happened to me as a writer. So if any of that sounds remotely interesting, you might want to keep an eye out for when the interview appears in Locus.