The New Punk Rock, Probably Not What You Expect

Not quite sure I agree with everything this Schlichter fellow has to say, but I admire his anything-to-stir-up-trouble rhetorical style, reminiscent of Fear’s Lee Ving baiting the audience at L.A.’s long-gone Anti-Club:

Conservatism is the New Punk Rock

Of course, the late Johnny Ramone, that notorious leather-jacketed conservative, would likely agree. Another boo-ya endorsement would come from Camille Paglia, whose taunting, incendiary essay “No Law in the Arena: A Pagan Theory of Sexuality” — which really should be required reading before any more discussions of so-called “safe spaces” continue — might well have been cribbed from by Mr. Schlichter. Per Paglia:

White middle-class girls at the elite colleges and universities seem to want the world handed to them on a platter. They have been sheltered, coddled and flattered. Having taught at a wide variety of institutions over my ill-starred career, I have observed that working-class or lower-middle-class girls, who are from financially struggling families and must take a patchwork of menial jobs to stay in school, are usually the least hospitable to feminist rhetoric. They see life as it is and have fewer illusions about sex. It is affluent, upper-middle class students who most spout the party line — as if the grisly hyperemotionalism of feminist jargon satisfies their hunger for meaningful experiences outside their eventless upbringing. In the absence of war, invent one.

Maybe Paglia’s thoughts in this regard could be re-booted as No Law in the Mosh Pit. Except then, of course, you’d lose the politically incorrect Charlton Heston reference (the original line is from the movie Ben-Hur, in regard to the necessity to put on one’s big boy — or big girl — pants, if you’re going to dive in where the action is.) Surely the Riot Grrls, if there are any still around, would agree.

In the meantime, one of the best videos for catching glimpses of Johnny Ramone’s still-astonishing right-hand technique, starting around the 1:30 mark:

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