Pleased to announce that KIM OH 6: REAL DANGEROUS RIDE is now available for the Kindle:

Kim Oh 6: Real Dangerous Ride

From the description on Amazon:

Kim’s got a delivery to make – if she can survive that long.
Hired by a mysterious venture capitalist to transport a sealed backpack from Los Angeles to San Francisco, Kim’s expecting nothing more than an easy ride and a fat payday. But she soon finds herself being hunted down along the way by two different high-tech outfits, both of whom will be happy to kill her in order to get their hands on what she’s carrying.
Before she reaches her destination – if she can – Kim will have to deal with murderous muscle cars, deadly drones, and conniving ex-cons. And she quickly starts to suspect that what’s in the bag might be even more explosively lethal than the other threats on the road…

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