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K. W. Jeter here…

One of my current projects is a series called The Kim Oh Thrillers, written and indie epublished under the pseudonym Kim Oh. This page you’re reading right now is on the website for the series.

These ebooks aren’t science fiction or horror, like the books I’ve published under my real name. But as thrillers go, they’re kind of quirky and unusual — the other term I use for them is absurdist comedies of violence. More info on the dangerous Miss Kim and her series can be found on this website HERE. If you’ve enjoyed the books I’m better known for, you might enjoy these as well.

And there’s an easy way for you to find out. If you click on the link below, it’ll take you to the webpage for the first book in the series, KIM OH 1; REAL DANGEROUS GIRL, where you can pick it up for your Kindle at a bargain price. Even better, there’s a link inside the ebook that will get you the second book in the series, KIM OH 2: REAL DANGEROUS JOB, for absolutely free.

I hope you’ll give them a shot. Thanks!